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Your Bard
Sunday 12th May, 08:00pm
Tickets £10

Did Will Shakespeare write his plays?

William Shakespeare: the greatest playwright the world has ever seen? Or just a front man? A player – a poet – or fraud? Now’s your chance to meet Will in person. In the pub. An informal audience with the man himself. His childhood, adventures at the Globe and what it’s like on tour. And whether he wrote all those plays…He’ll play a few of the greatest hits, perhaps write a sonnet – maybe teach you to dance the Volta.

Spend a rip-roaring hour in the pub with the man himself! He’ll tell you all about his family, what it’s like on tour and the glory days at the Globe.

There’s no fourth wall here – we’re all in this together!

Ladies and gentlemen raise your glasses – Your Bard!

Supported by Live and Local / Shindig