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Quilter and the Ghost
Sunday 2nd Apr, 08:00pm
Tickets £10

+English Tourism Week  +

Warm, nostalgic musical-theatre (with lovely, emotive folk songs and well-crafted storytelling) of a reclusive hoarder and her strange but sweet ghost, who together in their ramshackle home collect real stories of strong & inspiring women lest they be lost to history. A glorious patchwork story-quilt forms the colourful backdrop to the play, each fragment of fabric a remembered life, some truly affecting and powerful. A extraordinary, comic and compelling modern fairytale.

The show includes 10 compelling stories, (some performed in song) about the inspirational women who helped form our communities, and the people in them. From battling grandmas to a Wild West pioneer. And the housewife who fed starving POWs during WW2, whose descendants were rewarded with foodparcels from Germany during the Miner’s Strike, sent by the grateful grandchildren of those same prisoners.
These stories form a ‘hoard’ gathered by Quilter. She is spending her last night in her ramshackle home, before the building of a new golf
course forces her eviction. As she rereads the tales stitched in to the giant quilt of memories, the clock strikes 7, and she realises she is
not alone. Who is this strangely familiar young woman, and why is Quilter’s own story too painful to recall?
Anyone, young or old, male or female who remembers a beloved grandma or an eccentric aunt, will be warmed by this rich treasure trove of real stories, and relive their own fond memories. They can even add them to the evergrowing quilt after the show, and they may become part of the play…

Adults/Older Children (10+ yrs),  80 mins + Interval