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Fleecey Folk: Hannah James – Jigdoll
Sunday 13th May, 08:00pm
Tickets £12

Jig Doll is a new project created by Hannah James. A rarity in folk music, Hannah is a singer, musician and innovative clog dancer. Jig Doll combines all of these disciplines in a beautiful new show exploring the life of the travelling player: sometimes exotic, sometimes frightening, it’s a world where home changes daily, and the only touchstones are the skills you carry with you, and the people you meet on the way.

“A true original…you need to see James live to fully appreciate her percussive dance skills.” – The Guardian

“JigDoll brings to the scene a fresh, hypnotic and invigorating experience, fusing the old and the new to create something which, while authentically personal, is to be seen as but a staging post in a life of perpetual wide- eyed adventure.” – Froots Magazine

“This is a show I could take my non-folky friends to with complete confidence, and without fear of it being dismissed as just ‘A good laugh’ at the end. It’s brilliant, and it needed to happen.” – Tom Kitching

‘Hannah is an incredible musician – a beautiful singer, inventive accordionist and her dancing is out of this world.’ Jon Boden